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Artificial Beauty

About AusBasket

Australia’s number one pure play online beauty retailer, and an official stockist of over 260 leading beauty brands.

Our Journey So Far

In early 2000, at the tender age of 21, beauty junkie Christine Hill decided to start AusBasket from her garage in Melbourne. A university job on cosmetics counters led Christine to realise that most women found department stores intimidating. She borrowed $12,000 from her brother, and set about building a disruptive new shopping experience that would empower beauty consumers. 

They’re there to make you feel good. To make you bounce out the door in the morning because you feel so damn fabulous. 

But most of them just make you feel rubbish. They judge you, talk down to you, hold you to some false, unattainable ideal of womanly perfection. They make you feel like they know you and what you need to feel good, and how much you need to pay for it, better than you do. 

That’s BS. And at AusBasket, we think you deserve beauty without all of that.

Beauty is about confidence. We think you all deserve to feel confident in yourselves. We also think you’re smart, and you don’t need to be bossed around by a pushy sales assistant. Nor should you have to ask for permission to buy a product that’s locked away behind a counter. We want you to feel confident every day; and we want to give you the empowering beauty shopping experience that you deserve.

You can also fill out the Contact Us form below with any questions and we'll respond as soon as possible! If you have any enquiries - before or after your purchase - please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

Office: 318 Russell Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000


Warehouse: 151 Capel Street, Melbourne, VIC 3051

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