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Hands Down, Tan-Luxe Super Glow Serum Is the Best Face Tan I’ve Ever Used

When it comes to tanning my face, I do not eff around.

As someone who's had an allergic reaction to nearly every tan they've used on their face, I'm pretty cautious when trying new tanning products.

Previous face fake tan experiences have included rashes, sandpaper-textured skin and general blotchiness that takes up to a week to subside.

That said, face tan is an absolute necessity for me given my dark European features, very Irish skin tone, and staunch aversion to sun exposure.

Back in 2019, my face self tan prayers were answered when I found Tan Luxe.

It combined my love of skin care and self tan. It was everything a gal could ask for.

Then, the brand sadly exited and it was back to the drawing board.


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